The best products to polish timber floors
Water based (Non-toxic) Finished

Water Based non-toxic finishes offer many advantages. Firstly, all Bona finishes are classified as non-toxic. Bona finishes are non-yellowing, fast drying and have excellent resistance to wear. Remember however that the timber can be affected by UV light so exposed areas may change colour a little over the first few months.  There is also a choice of sheen levels ranging from absolute matt to matt to satin and through to gloss.  Unlike solvent finishes that give floors a plastic appearance, Bona finishes look natural and highlight the beauty of the timber. 

Solvent based 
Polyurethane Finished

Polyurethane is a moisture curing coating for timber, parquetry and cork flooring. The coatings are highly abrasion resistant and extremely durable. They provide floors with a subtle sheen when used as the final coat with the option of Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Super Satin and Low Sheen. The coating is easy to maintain and will enhance the natural appearance of interior timber floors. 

Lime wash with water based finish 

Liming your floors is a stunning alternative to traditional staining and finishing. A paler floor is a striking and modern look. It makes your whole property look light and bright. Your floors, your choice.

Liming is like a white wash - your timber with all its character, knots and appearance will always be apparent. You can still see the beautiful characteristics of your timber floor through the lime wash. Liming does not give a continuous colour tone, as timber is generally not just one tone itself.


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